For those of you who don't consistently listen to the Rails Envy podcast, here's a story that's worth a good laugh.

The Backstory: A few weeks ago Jason put together a Rails Envy Voicemail number so people could call in and leave messages about the podcast. We encouraged people to leave their feedback, let us know about stories, or ask any questions they wanted answered.

Last week "R. Elliot", a regular listener and commenter, left us this voicemail. I have to hand it to R. Elliot, he gave us a great laugh and gave us some great material.
Length: 1:14

Later when we were recording the podcast, Jason recommended I make a dance remix of the phone call. I couldn't resist, so:

I whipped out Garage Band, found some good hip hop beats, and here is the awesomeness of what resulted.
Length: 1:37

Let me know what you think, and feel free to check out our most recent Rails Envy Podcast. Maybe even leave your own crazy voicemail at 407-409-8440.

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