Unobtrusive Javascript

by Jason on Jan 03, 2008

At the Orlando Ruby Users Group last month, I gave a talk on unobtrusive javascript. It gives a big picture overview of why you would want to code your javascript unobtrusively. If you haven't been exposed to unobtrusive javascript principles yet or would like to learn more, give it a or watch right here.

Unobtrusive Javascript Presentation from Jason Seifer on Vimeo.

Download PDF of slides

Some topics covered in the video:

  • A bit of history and how we got here.
  • Semantic Markup
  • Obtrusive Examples
  • Benefits of coding unobtrusively
  • Examples, specifically to Rails
  • Guidelines and assumptions you should make when coding javascript
  • Graceful degredation
  • Namespacing

Special thanks to Gregg for editing the video. Also, if the above description isn't enough to make you watch the video, how about this screencap:

(Click for big)

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