Ruby on Rails Video Out-takes

by gregg on Dec 06, 2007

We're taking a week off of the podcast since Jason got mauled by just nine 5 year olds, poor bastard. Instead we've decided to go ahead and post the out-takes from the Rails vs Everything videos, enjoy!

View on YouTube

In other news.. this week I went to Boston to talk at XML 2007. Lots of interesting talks on xforms and xml document databases, hopefully we'll talk about some of this stuff on next week's podcast. I also had the pleasure of talking at the Boston Ruby Users Group.

Next thursday, December 13th Jason and I will be talking at the Orlando Ruby Users Group. Jason is talking on Unobtrusive Javascript, and I'll be talking on Demystifying REST.

Also worth mentioning, at the Ruby Group we'll be raffling off a free ticket to the Future of Web Apps conference taking place in Miami on February 29th. Jason and I will be headed down to this event, as well as BarCampMiami, taking place on the previous day, Thursday, February 28th. Can you say, nerds in paradise?. heh.. Whatever happened to Dudley "Booger" Dawson?

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