What have we done?

A lot of cool stuff, about half which is now legal in 7 states. To learn what it's like working with us, take a read through our Ruby on Rails Project Walkthrough.



GHive is a Web 2.0 Social Networking website for surfers, and when I say surfers, I mean like the ones hangin' ten at the beach.

  • Totally Rad Google Mashups
    Created our own Geocoder plugin to plot all users and their surf reports on live google mashups.

  • Uber-Blog Posting
    Implemented wysiwig blog posting with prototype windows, allowing surfers post pictures and YouTube videos.

  • Killer Full-text Search
    Utilizing the sphinx open-source search engine we're able to search massive amounts of user data in less then a second.

  • Gnarly Blog Layouts
    Users not only can select from a wide variety of blog graphic designs, but they can also create their own.


MesosOnline is a subscription based diet website utilizing the latest published scientific research. The website is not yet live for new users, but here are some screenshots.

  • eCommerce Store and Subscription Service
    Interfaced with Plugnpay for transactions with live shipping calculations from UPS.

  • AJAX Menu Planner
    Using USDA's database of over 7000 foods, we utilized AJAX to create an extremely comprehensive and user friendly Menu Planner.

  • Community Support and Live Calculators
    Developed customized Message Boards, Diet assisting calculators, and detailed progress tracking graphs.


FreeLayouts is where you can browse, preview, and download free templates for your website, blog, or CMS.

  • Full Integration with Amazon S3
    To save bandwidth and cut hosting costs, all template downloads come directly from Amazon S3.

  • Live Template Previews
    Created automation so all templates can be viewed live. This is done either by loading up their html directly or through a live wordpress server for the wordpress themes.

  • Rating and Comment System
    Implemented the ability for users to rate and comment on all templates.

  • Friendly Urls & Breadcrumbs
    Using the best practices of User Interface design, all pages have friendly URLs and breadcrumb trails. If I want html templates which are blue and white

Additional Clients Some of these we created, some we helped with development.

We're always available for a Free Quote, so feel free to drop us a line.


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