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Currently looking for the following types of gigs:

  • Web Development for Ruby, Rails, or Merb projects - Are you looking for a team of developers to help you build your next big website? Give us a call, we'd love to help you put it together.

  • Speaking / Teaching - Need someone to help convince your company to use Rails? Want to make sure your development team is using best practices? We're available to train on just about any Ruby / Rails topic.

  • Code Review - Need someone to give you some advice on your code, or do a code review? Have us proof it and create a thorough report.

  • Pair with Us - Use screen sharing and pair program with us for a day.

  • Video Production - As you've seen with our commercials, we have the resources to put together quality video production. We'd be happy to put some video together for your website or company.

If you're interested in hiring us for any of the above, please contact us by emailing:

hire at railsenvy dot com

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