The Ruby Hoedown in 10 minutes

by gregg on Aug 12, 2008

Jason and I hit up the Ruby Hoedown last weekend and I did my video bit, putting together a montage of the proceedings for those who didn’t make it:

Ruby Hoedown in 10 minutes

You can also click one of the following links if you’re interested in seeing one particular person, but I highly recommend just watching the whole thing, it’s only 10 minutes for heaven sake!

Bryan Liles, Chris Wanstrath, David Black, Gregg Pollack, Jason Seifer, Jeremy McAnally, Jim Remsik, Jim Weirich, Joe O’Brien, Obie Fernandez, Rein Henrichs, Rick Bradley, Robert Dempsey, Yehuda Katz, and Yossef Mendelssohn

Anyone out there interested in having me do this for their conference/event? hehe… Hey, I can dream right? Talking about professional video, the Confreaks guys were there, so I suspect we’ll see full video coverage of the conference in a couple of days. When they do post them I’ll link up their videos as well.

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