Scaling Ruby Envycast

by gregg on Nov 06, 2008

If it’s important to you to code fast Ruby applications, take a look at the third Envycast on Scaling Ruby. See the preview below to get a taste of what it’s all about:

Scaling Ruby Envycast from EnvyAds on Vimeo.

Buy Now for $9 on Envycasts

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Ruby on Rails 2.2

by Jason on Oct 24, 2008

Ruby on Rails 2.2 Envycast!

We're proud to bring you the next EnvyCast which covers a bunch of new features in Rails 2.2 and it can be yours for just $9 dollars. The video runs 44 minutes.

We also have a more detailed "Ruby on Rails 2.2 - What's new?" PDF Book available from Carlos Brando for just $9 dollars. You may remember Carlos Brando from the "What's new in Rails 2.1" free eBook.

Or get them both for $16 bucks.

You heard me right. If you want both the Screencast and the eBook you can buy them both together for $16.

End Shameless Self Promotion

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