A few months ago I really hated the idea of testing my code, I just didn't do it. Now I couldn't think of writing a line of code without the proper tests in place.

If you fall into either of these boats you may want to

Topic's Covered

  • Why would you test your code?
  • When do you test your code?
  • The path to developer enlightenment
  • Test Driven Development (TDD)
  • Behavior Driven Development (BDD)
  • Where'd RSpec come from?
  • Running Autotest with Growl
  • Live screencast of BDD with Rspec
  • What are stubs and mocks?
  • How to start testing your code?

Here is the textmate command I use in the video to convert my specifications into RSpec format. Yaml to RSpec.


  • Rspec Homepage
  • Behavior Driven Development Wiki
  • Introduction to RSpec by David Chelimsky
  • Why use RSpec - BDD
  • Rails With RSpec
  • TDD Adoption steps
  • Dave Astels announcement of BDD
  • the Coad Letter
  • BDD is Kinkier then TDD
  • Good talk with Dave Astels and Steven Baker

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