Ruby on Rails vs Django - Commercial #7

by gregg on Sep 10, 2007

This weekend Jason and I had the pleasure of attending the Lone Star Ruby Conference where we decided to premiere the video below:

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Thanks again to Jason Hawkins from for the video production and Erika Greco for the Rails Envy logo.

Spoiler Alert! - After taking a good look at Django and weighing all the pros/cons, I didn't really think we should make fun of it. Django is a great framework for building web applications, one that employs many of the same techniques that Ruby on Rails does. If it wasn't for Rails I'd probably be programming Django right now. Amongst a sea of mediocre web frameworks it's definitely close to the top.

We have two more videos to release during Railsconf Europe (although we won't be in attendance), so stay tuned. We were going to save this one for last because, as you'll see, it's rather out there. We hope you like it.

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